Granite: Aesthetics and Functionality in One

Granite: Aesthetics and Functionality in a single

Granite is amongst the most widely utilized countertop materials. Granite exudes the impression of elegance, durability and quality. It is usually efficiently employed for buildings, pavements, bridges, monuments and even in our homes.

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At home, you could often see granite with the cooking and bathrooms since they are durable and simple to wash in addition to very decorative and beautiful. However, they've got more uses than being bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Countertops and Tabletops

This can be the most typical granite use we view. They are often found in kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, bar counter, vanity countertops and a few even on mantelpieces. The Granite used for countertops is termed Biotite-granite. Granite may be the common decision for countertops since they have a shiny and modern care for polishing. Additionally they can be found in various decorative but elegant colors like pink, black, gray, white and in many cases brown. They may be a breeze to clean and warm and moisture resistant.


An excellent method to use granite at home is making a granite backsplash. Using a granite backslash with your kitchen makes an extra touch of class that can fit granite countertops. As it is often in a position to withstand moisture, it is just a perfect barrier among the wall and moisture common inside a kitchen.

Granite Tile

Using tiles created from granite is yet another common usage of granite within our house. Quite a few as tiles for that bathroom or kitchen plus a wall panel which creates a high-luster and trendy space. It's also decline in many sizes and designed like ceramic tiles.

Granite Flooring

If you're meticulous person and aggravated from floor stains left by spills then granite is an excellent choice in flooring material to suit your needs. Apart from being tough in relation to spills and stains, additionally, it may withstand heat. Increase the fact that it offers that vintage elegant try looking in your house.

Sinks, Door Knobs, Granite Fireplace Mantles and more

You may also use granite instead for your metal sinks. Granite sinks could be traditional pedestal sinks, undermount sinks, or modern, angular basins. Granite sinks withstand heat and moisture to help you make sure your house is safe.

Building Stones

You can also utilize granite as blocks for your exterior wall of one's homes. They can rough or polished giving your house an elegant cozy feel. Fortunately they are very tough and may last longer than expected. Most of the classic homes from in the past were developed with granite. Consider other possibilities to make use of granite and this will surely be as functional and durable as it's beautiful.

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